(Latviešu) Metarom

Customized flavor solutions to maximize your products’ success

METAROM Flavours is one of the two main branches of METAROM Group that is dedicated to a variety of flavor solutions. Market demands and customer trends are continuingly changing, therefore, by using the inspiration from nature, creativity in METAROM Flavours knows no bounds. METAROM Flavours offers functional and economical solutions, providing its product range in liquid, powder and emulsion forms.

Range of flavours:
Spicy (vanilla, cinnamon)
Fruity (citrus, exotic)
Dairy (buttery, cheesy)
Indulgent (chocolate, caramel)
Savoury (herbs, condiments)
Natural vanilla aromas
Biscuits & bakery
Dairy products & ice creams
Confection & chocolate
Nutraceutical products
Savoury products

Additional information: